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Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act 

[Office Information] 

Business Operator:

Operation Director:

3-6-10-206, Motomachi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka-city
Osaka, 556-0016, Japan

Phone Number:



[Our Service] 

[The places of departure and destination]
Departure: Osaka City
Destination: Kansai International Airport

[The types of vehicles and charges]

- TOYOTA JPN TAXI: 26,000 yen including tax

- JUMBO TAXI (Van/Wagon style): 31,000 yen including tax

(Highway/Expressway tolls, fuel cost, Pick-up service charge, the fees for designation of the 
date and the time, are all included)

[Vehicles and available capacities]
-TOYOTA JPN TAXI(Seating capacity: 4) 
Maximum available actual capacity; 3 passengers and 3 large luggage
-JUMBO TAXI (Seating capacity: 9): 
Maximum available actual capacity; 8 passengers and 8 large luggage
[Vehicles Types and Number Available]
-TOYOTA JPN TAXI: 10 (Addable)
-JUMBO TAXI: 2 (Contact us to see if available more)

Special Rates:
The charge is doubled for trips from Osaka city to Kansai Airport and back to Osaka city.
Other Services:
Please contact us for charter services (sightseeing in Kyoto, Nara, etc.) or to other 
destinations (Itami Airport, Kobe Airport, golf courses, ski resorts, etc.). 


[Order details] 

Payment Methods:
Credit card and QR code payments are accepted for prepayment at the time of booking.

Means of Settlement:
Payment methods vary depending on the accommodation. Details will be provided uponordering.

Additional Fees:
Only credit card company usage fees apply.

Ordering Methods:
Please place your order via the order form on our website. Orders can also be made by phone at select hotel front desks.

Order Timing:
Orders must be placed at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all orders due to limited vehicle availability.

Order Confirmation:
After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation email specifying the available number of vehicles. Upon receipt of this email, you will proceed with the online prepayment process as instructed.
Once we confirm your prepayment, our acceptance of your order is completed.
You will receive an email to inform you that allocation of vehicles for you is completed.
Please note that it may differ depending on a hotel you will stay in.


Execution of an order (Pick-up Time):
We will pick you up at your specified accommodation at the requested date and time.


Customer-Initiated Changes or Cancellations:
For changes in vehicle type or quantity, please contact us by email at least 6 hours before the 
pick-up time. Changes may also be made by phone at certain hotel front desks. Please note 
that changes requested within 6 hours of pick-up time may not be accommodated, including 
changes in pick-up time.

Refunds for Customer-Initiated Cancellations:
1. No refund for cancellations requested less than 6 hours before pick-up.
2. 80% refund for cancellations requested between 6 to 12 hours before pick-up.
3. 90% refund for cancellations requested between 12 to 24 hours before pick-up.
4. Full refund for cancellations requested more than 24 hours before pick-up. 
Please note that refund processing fees are borne by the customer.

Refund due to our Cancellation:
Please understand that we may not always be able to fulfill all taxi orders due to unavoidable 
circumstances, resulting in cancellations on our end. In the event of our cancellation, all 
prepayment charges will be refunded promptly. We will notify you of our cancellation via email, 
or by phone if you are staying at a specific hotel. 

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